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  国产叉车水温反常处理方法:1、 节温器的查看

  Treatment of Abnormal Water Temperature of Domestic Forklift Trucks: 1. View of Thermostat
  At present, wax thermostat is the main type of thermostat used in engine. Its primary performance index is that the thermostat should have different lift under different water temperature. Then the concave and convex of cooling water temperature is dynamically controlled. As for the non-collapse cooling system to check the quality of the thermostat, the first thing is to judge the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipes of the radiator. During the period before the engine cooler starts, there should be a significant temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipes by hand. After a period of operation, the temperature difference will be significantly reduced. When the engine reaches the normal operating temperature (80-90 degrees C), the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipes by hand has already been contacted. There was no significant difference in temperature. Of course, the most accurate detection method is still to remove the thermostat, place it in hot water, gradually heating, check the open temperature of the valve and valve lift.
  2、 水泵的查看
  2. Inspection of pumps
  The power source of the continuous circulation of cooling water in the cooling system comes from the pump. Whether the pump can set up the satisfied pressure is the key to the normal operation of the cooling system. When cooling water is added, if the engine speed increases, the coolant level decreases significantly, which indicates that the pump works normally. On the contrary, the pump and impeller may be loose and the cooling water can not be recycled. In domestic forklift engine, water pump, generator and cooling fan share a belt, so the belt tightness directly affects the speed of water pump, electric fan and generator. Press down the middle part of the belt with your finger. The deflection should be normal at 11-13mm (CPC3L model). Too much will lead to excessive water temperature, too small will cause damage to pump bearings and generator bearings.
  3、 冷却电扇
  3. Cooling fans
  A thin sheet of paper can be placed in front of the radiator when the engine is working. If the paper can be blown open, the air flow is satisfied. This is different from the inward suction of the car fan with the front engine. The blades should not be reversed, and the fan cover should be fully and effectively ensured.
  4、 散热器
  4. Radiator
  The radiator of the forklift truck is placed at the rear of the vehicle. Because the chassis of forklift truck is low, and the working environment in the factory is poor, some sundries and dust are simply accumulated on the outside of the radiator. If not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation. After working every day, the radiator should be carefully cleaned and the use of high-pressure water guns should be avoided as far as possible. Because the wall of the radiator is very thin, if the cleaning pressure is too high, it is very simple to flush, affecting the circulation. In addition, the use of "hard water" is strictly prohibited to avoid scaling in the radiator, resulting in the lack of cooling water.
  After checking and judging that there is no obvious defect in the above primary components, other systems should be considered. If there is too much carbon deposited in the incineration chamber, whether the injection time of diesel engine is too early or too late, whether the cylinder gasket is burned out or whether there are cracks in the cylinder block and liner, as listed in this article at the beginning, it is because the liner cracks, which make the high-pressure gas rush into the water jacket and emit fierce bubbles, like the boiling of cooling water. In a word, the problems of the engine cooling system are various. But as long as we stick to a sober thinking and carefully analyze the nature of the problem, we can still find a solution.
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